Dog Walking

Margaux and Me offer professional dog walking services with pick up and drop off within a 5 mile radius from our beautiful village Foolow, in the heart of the Peak District. For every additional mile we charge 40p per mile.

Our walks will suit the age, size and ability of your furry friends. We also aim to suit your schedule.

Margaux and Me dog walking tries to be as flexible as possible, so if on a particular day you have limited time to take your dog out, or the miserable weather is putting you off, don't hesitate to give us a call or send a text and we promise to do our best to help out.

Living in the Peak District, we love to vary all our walks! From hill climbs, to road walks or even just a stroll in the park. Wherever the walk, we promise to give your dog the best exercise they can have, and we promise it'll be an adventure!

Group walking, which is our most popular choice is a service we provide (see our prices below) where we take a maximum of 4 dogs out for a fun filled stroll! This service is ideal for dogs that LOVE to socialise with others, benefit from being surrounded by other pooches, or generally feel safer in a pack. We will pick your dog up (see first paragraph regarding pick up and drop off costs) and take them to our starting location. When and if Margaux joins us please be rest assured that her vaccinations are all upto date and we would prefer to be walking with your vaccinated poochies too so that we can all feel confident we're creating  a safe environment. 

We offer one to one walks (see our prices below) for those dogs that may prefer their own company, need a little more individual attention or are still developing their listening and learning skills. One to one allows us to really dedicate our time into taking them for an enjoyable walk where they will receive plenty of love, care, attention and stimulation. We are happy to drive to your home (see first paragraph regarding pick up and drop off costs) and walk your dog from your home or take them on a walk of your suggestion. 

For both one to one walks and group walking, it is highly important that you let us know how your dog is like ON and OFF the lead and how good is their recall. It may be advisable that if your dog gets up to naughty habits when they are released from their lead you may wish to select our 'one to one 'walks. 


Group dog walking:

1 hour - £10

1 hour 30 minutes - £15

   + £7 an hour for every additonal dog from the same household/family.

One to one walks: 

30 minutes - £10

1 hour - £16

1 hour 30 minutes - £20

2 hour - £24

 *prices, availabilities and the lengths of walks may change depending on the season*